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Learning how to speak French provides many benefits such as widening one’s social network to French speaking people, applying for jobs that require bilingual speakers ( great pay!) and simply enjoy conversing in a new language. Like any other languages, French has its own unique set of pronunciation since it contains 16 vowels in which some are not commonly used in some dialects. True, there are many regional accents for this language but there is only one version that new learners can study which is understood by all French-speaking people. The language is a bit nasal in pronunciation which seems difficult at first. As a rule, pronouncing French words depends heavily on the spelling; however, French spelling is not much of phonology but history. This makes French as a language quite unique.

There are many ways to learn how to speak French:

1.    Subscribe to French language classes online such as bbc.co.uk which gives free lessons that are stimulating especially for beginners. The lessons show short conversations that are essential for non-French speakers such as riding a taxi and finding your way in France. There are other websites that offer similar lessons but do come with a price. Nevertheless, it would be wise to browse different sites to compare prices and services before signing up for a new program.

2.    Enroll in actual class in   language school near you. Attending a class allows you to actively interact on a more personal level with other learners like you. You win new friends and learn a language which is a great plus towards personal development.

3.    Watch French shows online. By doing so, you hear the words as they should be pronounced in real setting. List down word that you find difficult and look them up in an online French-English dictionary.

These are just some of the ways to speak  French which could help you begin acquiring fluency. Do not be discouraged as you encounter unintelligible words because this is a challenge posed to all new learners of a language. As mentioned, learning to speak French opens opportunities that is why it highly advised by educators teach foreign language in the classroom. If you enjoyed this article and found this helpful, please subscribe to my RSS.

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