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How Long to Learn French

Learning a language is a natural process. There are several things that can affect the time it takes to become fluent in French. Language is a skill. Others may be good in math, science or music but there are some people who are proficient in languages. Everyone has the potential to learn but some people are more capable of learning a language than others. There are factors that can affect your language fluency.

Geographical location: If you are living in a francophone country you can become proficient in French for over a year. It is helpful in your language proficiency to use French as a primary language. For a person who do not live in a French speaking country and do not use French on a daily basis, it might take more than 6years.

Age: Generally speaking, the younger you are introduced to the language, the better. It gives you more time to practice and understand the language you prefer to study. If you want your children to learn how to speak French it is better to expose them to the language as much as possible. Children have unlimited capacity of learning a language. As they grow they lose their capabilities to learn the sounds and distinguish the words they are not exposed to.

Patience and Effort: These are the main factors that affect language fluency. Fortunately, these are the factors that you have the most control of.  If possible, you can enroll in immersion schools. If not, there are other ways to learn how to speak French; get a tutor, enroll to a class – some dedicated students are usually at intermediate level after 2 years and possibly advanced after another year, study everyday – the effort you put into learning makes a big difference. Like every other skill, practice makes perfect.

Learning French is definitely not a question of time or how long to learn. It is sure that you will learn quickly enough if you are dedicated in studying and practicing the language. In developing a full-speed comprehension of the French language simply requires a lot of practice, time and effort.

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