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Learn French for Children

Most developmental psychologists would agree that young children have greater capacity to learn a second language. What language could be better than French for children? In the United States, French is widely spoken next to English, Spanish and Chinese. In fact, some states like Maine and Louisiana recognize French as a second language. Children who learn a second language at an early stage ( even as  a toddler) can easily be fluent especially if such language is often heard and spoken in the home environment. This leads to   natural language acquisition which is the ideal form of acquiring a second language. Chomsky, a prominent linguist whose seminal works in linguistics about Language Acquisition Device asserts that learning a second language benefits most very young learners since language learning follows a pattern. Beginning early learning of French is children   is a timely and productive investment for their future.

Exposing children to a second language like French has numerous benefits. Even the European Commission ( EC) itself is promoting the advocacy of learning a second language to its member countries in the belief that this would bring more opportunities in business and employment. Most EC members choose English due to the language’s global accessibility plus the popularity of western books, movies, and pop culture.

Nevertheless, French is the second language chosen by EC members since it is a well-recognized language even by the UN. Another good reason why children should learn a second language like French is that studies have been made about increased academic performance of students who acquire a second language. A report in 1992 by College Bound Seniors revealed that learners who at least studied foreign language in no less than four years performed better at verbal section of  Scholastic Attitude Test (SAT). This alone is a  remarkable information that all parents must keep in mind when considering whether their children should learn a new language. What better language could be more beneficial to children than French? The language is a romance language with nice nasal intonations that children would find amusing as well as beneficial to their future.


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